Monday, February 24, 2014

Greatest treatise on Intellectual Love, the Holy Geetha !

One of the greatest treatises
Which speak about Intellectual Love
Is Geetha Holy
Revealed to the disciminative intellect
By the Absolute Self !

Amor Intellectualis, Vibhakti
Is all in all !
Universe is made of One Substance

It is all this, it is all this !

The Same, the Same
Friend and foe are same
Stuff is such and so much
Variations are unimportant
Who contemplate distinctions
Are stupefied by Ignorance !

Yogis, after renouncing fruits 
Of work selfless, Nishkama
Reach the highest Heaven
Severing the bond of Karma !

This has been revealed to thee
Thy discriminative intellect will show the way
Come on, arise, awake
Seek out the Great Ones
To know the Truth ineffable !

Conquer thine enemies inner
Enjoy the Bliss of Heaven
I have destroyed for thee
The elements negative
In thy agitating mind !
I will make thee victorious
In this titanic inner war
And give Bliss eternal !

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Jupiterian Law or Brihaspathi Neethi

Suppose your son goes against you. Will you throw him out of the house ?

This is where Jupiterian Law or Brihaspathi Neethi or Jesusian Law comes into operation.

Love is giving and forgiving
Self is getting and forgetting !

Conquer by Love ! This is the message handed out to us by the millenial philosophers, millenial poets and millenial prophets !

Love is a Glory from Eternity's spheres
He is still the Godhead that can make all change

Love should never cease to be upon the Earth
Love is the bright link betwixt Earth and Heaven
Love is the far Transcendent's angel here
Love is man's lien on the Absolute !

Sai and Jesus say " Love your enemies, bless them that curse you and bless them that persecute you" !

Let us be arrayed from head to foot with their commandments. ' Conquer everything with Patience and Love" is their eternal message !

Byron said " Take away Love and the whole world becomes a tomb "

Jupiter is the preceptor of the celestials and represents the divine arts and sciences. The scientia intuitiva or intuive sciences are a great preparation for Eternal Liberation. Without the discriminative intellect or prajna imparted by him, no one can hope for Self Actualisation. He represents the Sreyo Marga ( the way of Being and of Bliss ) and Venus represents the Preyo Marga ( the way of Mammon and the flesh ). Both paths are followed by mankind !

Goethe echoed the same when he averred

Now lead me where some heavenly silence glasses
The purer joys around the Poet throng
Where Love and Friendship divinely fashion
The bonds that bless, the wreaths that crown his passion !

Yoga Sastra, Nyaya Sastra, Neethi Sastra, Vedanta Sastra, Jyothis Sastra and all such sciences are ruled by Jupiter or Brihaspathi. Sasanath Thrayathe ithi Sastram - meaning that Redeeming instructions are called Sastras ( like fatherly advice to a son ). Hence Jupiter or Brihaspathi is the greatest benefic, from the perspective of Self Actualisation. He represents Grace Divine, without which no Self Realisatoin is possible.

Love is a manna sent from Heaven, a spark of the Immortal Fire, sent by the Lord to elevate our low desire ! Let Almighty Love triumph on earth !

From the Center where the Heart of God is known
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men
Let Love triumph on Earth !

Let us Love All, Serve All, Help Ever, Hate None and Hurt Never, thereby fulfilling the Jupiterian Law !

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Allegory of the Vedantic Triad

There is a great allegorical depiction of the Vedantic Triad in Indian Philosophy.

A cow with three calves - the cow represents the Universal Mind ( Maya ), the three calves are

The Relative Universe ( Jagat )
The Relative Ego ( Jiva )
The Relative Supreme ( Para )

The Triad is a projection of the Universal Mind, whose base is Absolute Being !

O Thou with and without Thy Maya
Art known as Witness Consciousness
Thy projections Three
Are Thee in Reality !
All the forces of Nature
Dissolved in Thee at Involution
Only Thou existed then
As Supreme Consciousness Bliss !

Maya sannihito pravishta vapusha
Saksheethi geetho bhavan
Bhedestham pratibimbitho vivisivan
Jeevepi naiva para
Kalatma pratibodhita cha vigata
sanchothita cha swayam
Maya sa khalu bhuddi tatvamasruja
Dwyosau mahan uchyathe

The three final stages of Becoming !

There are three stages of Becoming

They are

The Noble End
The Middle End
The Ignoble End

The Noble End is referred to in the Sastras as Uthama Gathi. This happens when a man, saturated with the Beyond, aware of the Great Cosmic Game, seeks transmutation.

The Middle End is preferred by 80% of humanity. A man becomes a clerk, works hard, becomes a manager , marries, begets children. plays with his grand children and then dies. This is called Madhyama Gathi.

The Ignoble End is preferred by those who indulge in criminal acts. This is called Adhama Gathi. A man joins a smuggling gang, enjoys luxurious life, takes the sword and falls by the sword.

As we choose, the Self or the Lord shall fulfill Himself in us. If we choose a Madhyama Gathi, we will have His blessings to become famous in that filed. Similarly with other Gathis.

The problem with Madhyama Gathi is that it is only a transient perfection. It is only a transitory satisfaction and many are happy with such an arrested status.

The pramanam for the three Gathis or the triune stages of Becoming is given in a verse by Bharthrihari.

Santhapta yasi samsthithasya payasu namapi na srooyathe
Mukthakaraday thad eve nalini patrasthitham drishyate
Anta sagar shudhha mouktya pathitham than mouktikam jayate
Prayenadhama madhyamothamajusha evam vidha vrittaya.

When a water drop falls on hot iron, it vanishes
When it falls on a lotus, it stays bright
On an oyster's shell, it becomes a pearl
So is the evolutionary end of ends triune

Initiates feel the upward pull of the Mind most of the times, inspiring them to speak and write about things celestial. The upward movement is the master movement of Nature. The upward pull is that which pulls us from death to immortality and actualises in this mundane plane, the blissful and the luminous Kingdom of Heaven !

Friday, June 3, 2011

Inimical Mysticism III

Without an Opposition, there is no democratic process. Should all should extoll God? There should be somebody to criticise Him !

He is not a Human Being. He wont get angry either, like you or me. He is Being Absolute ( Sat ), Knowledge Absolute ( Chit ) & Bliss Absolute ( Ananda ) !

How can it be that Brahm
Could make a world so miserable
And if powerful, leave it so !
He is not good and if not all powerful
He is not God !

Said Bhagavan Buddha in the Light of Asia ( by Sir Edwin Arnold ) . When asked who the greatest philosopher ever was, Bertrand Russell quipped " Buddha .

Mammon led them on,
Mammon, the least erected soul
Who fell from Heaven
And even in Heaven his looks were downward bent
Admiring more
The riches of Heaven's pavemet, trodden gold

Said Milton.

Satan with his army carried the war into the Enemy's camp. They raged against the Highest ! With his army generals, Beelzebub, Mammon, Lucifer etc, they fought against the tyrranny of Heaven, against Him who gives the Cross to good and the throne to Evil, who gives wealth to Evil and lack of wealth to the good, who gives destruction to the good and blessings to Evil !

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Alchemical Allegory

The story of Jesus is an alchemical allegory.

In Alchemy, there are seven stages ( These correspond to the Seven States of Consciousness of SCI & TM ).


After the first two steps of Sanctification and Purification, the aspiring soul goes through the stages of Putrefaction, Fermentation and Combustion.

These three are the processes of Chemisty, which is derived from Alchemy. The founding fathers of Chemistry were all alchemists, those who trasmuted baser metals into gold. Converting copper or lead to Aurum is theoretically possible. You can change the atomic number of any element by proton bombardment.

The aspirig soul has inner tumults and agitations and these are represented by these three processes.

Combustion is Passion, the Passion of the Redeemer. Combustion is crucifixon, wherein the rebounding karma catches the aspirant unawares.

The question is asked why an aspirant is always carrying the Cross. Arent you a fool to carry the Cross all the time? The answer is that it is a paradoxical state of pain and Bliss. On the Cross, the fifth stage of Alchemy, the soul acquiesces in the Universal Will and welcomes the Divine Will with bliss.

The next stage is Regeneration. Free Masons and Rosucrucians are all alchemists and they admit that Alchemy is derived from the Vedists of the East.
The final stage is At One Ment, at One with the Universal, which is also the purpose of Yoga.

The Broadmindedness of Indian Philosophy !

We may with successful hope resolve
To wage by force or guile eternal war
Irreconcilable to our Grand Foe
Who now trimphs and in excess of joy
Sole reigning holds the tyrranny of Heaven !

Says Satan in the Paradise Lost. Who wrote the Paradis Lost?

A world class poet called Milton and he was following Vidwesha Bhakhti.

There is no philosopher who is not a Poet ( Na rishi kavih )

So he was a world class philosopher and poet, aware that the Lord had made him suffer, despite him being a scholar ! He had lived laborious days,yet the Lord made him bear the cross. He had studied hard, studied every portion of the Bible. He was blind and his life was immense suffering. So was Tasso's. So was Dante's.

Every Thesis has an Anti Thesis and handling both arguments is called the Dialectical Process. All lawyers know this, all politicians as well as Rishies.

Charvaka was a Rishie, yet an atheist. There is no God in Buddhism, yet it is a formidable system. Atheism, Agnosticism ( Buddhism ) etc adorn Indian Philosophy. A Hindu can be an athiest, he can be an agnostic, he can be a Shoonyavadi ( Buddhist ) or a Poornavadi ( Vedantin ) without being excommunicated like in other civilisations. This is the broadmindedness of Indian Philosophy.

The sloka Yada vairanubandhena is not made by me, but by a Rishie called Narada, who was a Bhaktha !